Thrive in the PC275 Culture


•  Achieve 1st place through volume sales and volume locations.
•  Stay cutting edge by applying technology & systems to maximize Customer Value.
•  Stimulate extreme growth while preserving our CORE Values and Culture.
•  Incubate Business Owners through Mentorship & the PC275 Opportunity
•  Share the wealth and build an army of Business Partners through Fractal Ownership.

Family Succeeding Together

•  You will be part of the PC275 Family who work together to achieve work Life balance giving you free time with passive income.
•  We believe in Mentorship & training at every level from successful business owners and great examples… If we know it, we share it.
•  You will enjoy Opportunity & Freedom through Fractal Ownership which means that you can own your share of a growing company.
•  This is a Franchise Opportunity where you are Incubated into your own business. Grow your business within a family of ambitious entrepreneurs.

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Realtor helping a client

What Our Agents Are Saying

Don't just take our word for it, hear what our top agents are saying about why they joined PC275 and where they are taking their career!

Why did we join PC275? Simply, it’s their family culture. PC275 is heavily team influenced and they pride themselves on working collaboratively together. As we have been a team for years, we love being able to work alongside other team members to provide results that have been well-orchestrated. By moving to PC275 Realty, we are able to give our clients and excellent rate to sell their home, with no surprises on the costs, and allow us to continue to provide you with top service, plus a firm commission rate. PC275 provides regular training, and great support, allowing us to stay ahead of current market trends.

Where are we taking our careers with PC275? Having abundant experience with other realtor companies, we joined PC275 at the Senior Partner level and have strong input in our brokerage., With this said, our goal is to open our own brokerage in the Hamilton area in 2019. This has us very motivated to continue our success of being in the top 2% of realtors in the Hamilton/Burlington region.

Irene Kelleher & Katherine Isaac

Sales Representatives & Associates, Hamilton

Why did I join PC275? From the moment I met with PC275 owners and brokers, I knew that I had found my new home.  They cared about me, my success, my integrity and whether I was also a good fit to their family.  I was working at another brokerage and felt that the fit was not right so I started to shop for a new brokerage.  Now the fit is perfect, and as a bonus, I also have access to mentorship, support and resources that I didn’t have elsewhere. I know that PC275 believes in my potential and wants to help me grow and succeed!

Where am I taking my Career with PC275? All the way to the top!  Right now, I am focusing on being the best realtor and team member I can be.  In a few years, I would like to have my own team and give back, by mentoring and supporting new agents that join our family.  After that, opening another location of PC275 as a broker.  Everyday is exciting, rewarding and challenging….and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Angela MacLeod

Associate, Hamilton

Brokerage Services

  • Full-time, non-selling management available
  • Complete full-service administration
  • Fully equipped office environment
  • Digital transaction capable
  • Electronic Funds Transfer for commissions and banking
  • Enhance your business with the PC275 Marketplace
  • Contemporary office spaces
  • Video broadcast & meeting capable


  • Leaders and mentors that care about you
  • Successful business owners and operators
  • Share everything they know
  • Want to see you succeed
  • Are accessible and engageable
  • Don’t compete in the field


  • Fun & Engaging Atmosphere
  • We share everything we know
  • We are a family that care about each other
  • Culture of Opportunity & Growth
  • Pot Luck Parties & Events
  • Sales Challenges & Recognition
  • Annual Caribbean Retreat


  • Own the brokerage you work in
  • Invest in other PC275 brokerages
  • Grow with the company
  • Tax mitigation
  • Multiple streams of income
  • Pass it on to your family

Build an Empire

  • Own a PC275 Franchise
  • Build an empire of locations
  • Business built for growth
  • Unlimited territories
  • Significant passive income
  • Exceptional Retirement Plan
  • Financing & Capital Assistance

Fast Track Academy

  • Field Training & Shadowing
  • Weekly In-house sales basic training
  • Weekly Advanced Training
  • Virtual Training & Mentorship
  • Personalized Business Planning & Coaching
  • Management & Team Leadership Training
  • Social Media Support and Training
  • Individual business planning and goal setting
  • Junior Associate Program for OREA students
  • Multiple Six Figure earners as trainers

4 Stage Business Plan

  • Proven wealth building commission plan
  • Become a top producer
  • Build a successful Team
  • Invest in your future
  • Incubator to your own brokerage
  • Significant Semi Passive income
  • Get paid while on vacation
  • Replace active sales income

The Listing Advantage

  • Amazing full-service experience
  • List as low as 2.75% total commission
  • Charge more for more service
  • 400k minimum sale price for 2.75%
  • $3000 flat rate on list side for below 400k
  • Volume Sales = Volume Opportunities

Marketing and Referrals

  • Local marketing campaigns
  • Social media and online marketing
  • Buyer, Seller & Recruitment Leads provided
  • Marketing Toolbox with premade content
  • Customizable marketing platforms