The PC275 culture of family, opportunity, personal development and innovation is one of the strongest competitive advantages we have and is the reason behind our success.

The moment I met with PC275 brokers,
I knew I had found my new home.

Angela MacLeod – Associate, Hamilton

About us

Come Grow with PC275

Agent Owners

Stimulate Extreme Growth While Preserving Core Values & Culture

You will be part of the PC275 Family who works together to achieve work Life balance giving you free time with passive income.

We believe in Mentorship & training at every level from successful business owners and great examples… If we know it, we share it.

You will enjoy Opportunity & Freedom through Fractal Ownership which means that you can own your share of a growing company.

This is a Franchise Opportunity where you are Incubated for your own business. Grow your business within a family of ambitious entrepreneurs.

By moving to PC275 Realty, we are able to give our clients
an excellent rate to sell their home.

Irene Kelleher & Katherine Isaac – Sales Representatives & Associates, Hamilton

What Our Agents Are Saying

Don’t just take our word for it, hear what our top agents are saying about why they joined PC275 and where they are taking their career!

  • Why did we join PC275? Simply, it’s their family culture. PC275 is heavily team influenced and they pride themselves on working collaboratively together. As we have been a team for years, we love being able to work alongside other team members to provide results that have been well-orchestrated. By moving to PC275 Realty, we are able to give our clients and excellent rate to sell their home, with no surprises on the costs, and allow us to continue to provide you with top service, plus a firm commission rate. PC275 provides regular training, and great support, allowing us to stay ahead of current market trends.

    Irene Kelleher & Katherine Isaac
    Irene Kelleher & Katherine Isaac Associates & Sales Representatives, Hamilton
  • Where am I taking my Career with PC275? All the way to the top! Right now, I am focusing on being the best realtor and team member I can be. In a few years, I would like to have my own team and give back, by mentoring and supporting new agents that join our family. After that, opening another location of PC275 as a broker. Everyday is exciting, rewarding and challenging….and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

    Angela MacLeod
    Angela MacLeod Associate, Hamilton
  • I joined PC275 Realty due to their commission structure and the advantage to express my value with an edge and still provide the consumer with the services they expect. I wanted to be part of a company that had a vision and thought outside the box.

    Nelia Lo Russo
    Nelia Lo Russo Senior Partner & Broker, Hamilton
  • PC275 offered me a new Business model for a real estate brokerage to work with, a family environment which is impossible to miss. You are always mentored and supported with continuous learning opportunities. This is where PC275 power lies and this ambiance is what creates professional, trustworthy and market savvy agents. With hard work and determination, I am aspiring to reach the highest level that it can be while growing my network of clients and helping them during their buying/selling experience. I am looking forward towards building my own team and later my own PC275 brokerage in the future. With PC275, you are always a winner!

    Hala Abu Lughod
    Hala Abu Lughod Sales Representative & Associate
  • I see myself becoming a mentor and a leader to a team of fantastic realtors at PC275. PC275 is such a great growing company that I would love to work towards opening my own PC275 location and reaching even more people.

    Jenna Chung
    Jenna Chung Senior Partner & Sales Representative, London
  • Why PC275? A Brokerage that prides itself on using the team philosophy to provide outstanding customer service to all of its' clients, all of its' team members and all of its' suppliers. An award-winning service business that embraces technology and is not afraid to change so long as it enhances its' clients' experience. I joined PC275 early on as I realized that this innovative Brokerage would not only provide my clients with a great, money-saving experience but would also provide me with a career in Real Estate as opposed to just a selling job.

    Gary Wilde
    Gary Wilde Broker & Senior Partner, London
  • Why did I join PC275? PC275 has given me the tools to succeed very early on in my career. I have access to mentorship, support and resources that I don’t think I would have at any other brokerage. And I really feel that PC275 believes in my potential and wants to help me grow and succeed as a Realtor. Where am I taking my Career with PC275? I see myself running and mentoring my own team within a couple years. Beyond that, the sky is the limit. I would love to open my own PC275 Brokerage, there is so much opportunity within this company. Outside of that, I would love to start my own real estate investment company.

    Cam Vandersluis
    Cam Vandersluis Sales Representative, London